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Western Prairie Food, Farm & Community Alliance

The Western Prairie Food, Farm and Community Alliance (WPFFCA) is a regional food alliance for public officials, private sector partners, and food producers to better balance the demand for healthy local foods with market development.  This will be accomplished through diverse partnerships for community driven policy, programs and education projects that impact health, economic development, small food business development and natural resources conservation.

The council includes representatives from Cheyenne, Decatur, Gove,  Logan, Rawlins, Sheridan, Sherman, Thomas and Wallace Counties.

The purpose of the group is to actively seek to improve access to regionally grown healthy food options while promoting educational resources for the benefit of the local population in Northwest Kansas.

Healthy Eating Rural Opportunities Grant

Implementation Grants

The Western Prairie Food, Farm and Community Alliance (WPFFCA) was approached by the Sunflower Foundation and asked if we would be interested in applying for the H.E.R.O.  Implementation grant after the completion of our food assessment with the planning grant.  The grant was written by the four person H.E.R.O. team of Misty Jimerson, Dani Holzwarth, Sandy Rodgers and Dana Charles.  The grant is for $60,000.00 and will be used for mini grants to the 9 counties in the alliance.

Many great projects are being completed in our counties.  See some of the highlights below.

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